Phyllis and the Aliens (Renatta and Rosalie Pettibone) are all kittens adopted from the Humane Society of Pierce County via the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Phyllis was born on October 27, 2007, while the Aliens were born on May 16, 2008.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Howard Became Harold?

(Post by Matt) Before I get back to what I was saying it might shed some light on things to talk about Harold. There is no Harold really, not now. But once Harold mustered his men in the Battle of Hastings. The year-1066. He was ultimately defeated by William the You Know What. But ever since then I have liked that name. A lot. Since my everyday life at home with the cats looked as if it would never afford me the chance to meet an actual Harold I had to create one. He works with Rich at the firm. "How's Harold?" I 'll ask. "How's who?" he replies. "You know the fellow you work with-Harold!" "Do you mean Howard?" "Of course not-I don't even like the the name Howard! Now quit the Abbott and Costello routine and tell me how Harold is!" You need to make your own fun-and sometimes your own Harold.

What I am getting to, and I am getting to it I assure you, is the sacredness of naming names. It's a theme that runs through history. Let's run alongside for a moment. Moses had a lot on his plate. We know for sure it wasn't meat and milk-not at the same time anyway. We also know he had to deliver his people out of Egypt. Naturally he needed inspiration and back-up to convince Pharaoh. So he went to YOUCANTEVENSAYIT. That's right-BUTDONTSAYIT. When it came to the most dreaded part of any meeting-the question and answer-he spout's off by asking "So what's your name? You know in case anyone asks. Personally I'm not the curious type but it might give me a little more clout if I drop your name." You know from Sunday school how YOUCANTEVENSAYIT felt about that. It isn't even necessary to point out how the Egyptians loved cats. Or how Mother Arlene would sometimes say, "I wouldn't know him from Moses housecat" or was that Adam's? Not important since I am not going to point that out either.

Which brings me to Baby Whiskers, Sister Whiskers, and Auntie Whiskers. Or if you prefer Bullet, Dingo and Bandit. Alternately, Catfish, Goldeneye and Frittatta. I could go on and on-but you already knew that. The power of names is not to be taken lightly. I have found in life that it is easier to create an imaginary Harold than to pin down the true spirit names of cats.