Phyllis and the Aliens (Renatta and Rosalie Pettibone) are all kittens adopted from the Humane Society of Pierce County via the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Phyllis was born on October 27, 2007, while the Aliens were born on May 16, 2008.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking a little dip...

So, this is not the first instance of this... "dip". And I'm sure many of your kitties have taken the dip as well.

Well, Sunday night was Rosalie's turn to take the dip. We're so proud of her. I just wish we had a camera readily available. At her age, Ms. Phyllis took the dip. Now, Rosalie, and I suppose soon it will be Renatta's turn. I certainly hope Renatta doesn't have a development problem. I mean... eventually she has to take the dip right? If not, does that mean she's "special"?

OH! So, "What 'dip' am I refering to?" Well, the big plunge in the toilet of course!

Matt woke up at about 3AM to go to the bathroom, walked into the bathroom, lifted the lid, and Rosalie snuck up, put her paws up on the bowl and stared down at the cool water. Matt looked down and said, "No, Rosalie, don't get up there." Well, she jumped up on the edge, teetered a bit and PLUNK! Rear feet first she takes the plunge!

Phyllis did it at about 4 or 5 months old and now Rosalie has also taken the "rear end plunge".

I'm not surprised that Renatta hasn't yet taken the plunge yet. She's quite cautious. Very thoughtful, slow to act on.

Well, because of "the plunge" we have a new nickname for Rosalie (yes, ANOTHER). Her new nickname is: Tea Bag. :)