Phyllis and the Aliens (Renatta and Rosalie Pettibone) are all kittens adopted from the Humane Society of Pierce County via the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Phyllis was born on October 27, 2007, while the Aliens were born on May 16, 2008.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

One bed for 5

Sleeping is a bit of a challenge in our household these days. The girls have a strong habit of making sure everyone knows (aka Me and Matt) that we're to be up at or before 5AM. This doesn't go over well with me. I'm a sleeper. I like to sleep. NOT for a long time, but just a sufficient amount of time until, let's say, my back aches from my bladder pressing on every other organ so hard that I can't stand it any more.

My desired bedtime is about 10PM with me waking up to go to work around 5:45-6AM (Matt hates my "snooze" button!!).

Of recent, Phyllis has decided that the best time to play with her dads and get some quiet alone time is around... 2AM. This is miserable! Not because she's forceful (which she is), but because she's SO darned cute! She wants to go into the "kitty cave" (sperlunking kitty that she is). Phyllis isn't one for sleeping under the blankets but she sure LOVES going under them and exploring, then coming back out, making a tour around the bed, then back in, and so on and so forth.

It's usually after about 15-20 minutes of this that I finally wake up and have to lock them out of the bedroom. Then at about 5AM, when Matt's bladder gives in, back in they all come!

When they return at 5AM it's usually Rosalie who's the most persistent. She LOVES to purr (as we all know). So, she's ALL over us, sitting on heads, nudging noses, wanting to peek under the covers (not a true sperlunker like Phyllis), and nose in the ears. This all the while purring with her adorable little rhythmic purr-squeek-purr-purr-squeek. Again, you can't even be annoyed by it. She's too darned cute to be anoying!

So, on the upside, when Renatta is in the bedroom, she's the angel of the entire bunch! She wants to lay at the foot of the bed, never wants to cuddle, never wants to rub noses, never had an interest in sperlunking, she just likes to sleep and be close to where all the action is. HOWEVER, when she (and the others) have been locked out of the bedroom, this is where Renatta comes into their plan. I'm sure the others put her up to it! She is by far the loudest and most persistent in meowing! When she wants in, she will NOT be ignored. She will sit outside the door pretending someone has cut off her leg until someone lets her in. I have to say, it's quite effective. Works every time with me.

(All of the above photos were taken with the BlackBerry devices Matt and I own, not "normal" cameras)